Easter 2020 is almost next door, and not only children should be getting all the fun.

It is well-known that having social accounts is not a nice-to-have thing but a must-have. People spent a lot of time browsing on their social accounts therefore you should have a presence there.

We proudly announce our Easter Management Social. Please keep reading.

Besides having a social account in the most popular social networks, you should know that that is not enough. User engagement is an important part, a user that comments your post, retweets, shares, likes, reacts is a user that will have you on-top-of-the-mind when he or she needs you. This is only archived by creativity and perseverance. We all know that is a challenge for most part of us. Let's not forget the skills you may need to create a nice post.

Timing is another factor you should have, prompt answers are likely to keep interested people who are contacting you. Depending on the nature of your business, you may or may not do it right away or you may be sleeping when a message arrives. People who don't get an answer in the following 15 minutes it is very probably they will look to fulfill their needs with some other vendor. Don't let that happens.

In short, you should have creativity, perseverance and reactivity. To help you help your business, OKay is offering a 10% off in our Social Management Services. Use the coupon code EASTERSOCIAL10 which will be available until April 12th, 2020.

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