OKay is committed with your mutual help. If you grow, we grow; because of that, we are offering free web hosting for the following public:

  • First-time entrepreneurs
  • Small business
  • Personal websites such as blogs or photography galleries.

What are the benefits of OKay's Free Hosting?

For starters, it is free. We will not ask you for money to host your website. 

OKay's hosting has some SEO optimization out of the box. All the images, especially the big ones, will be processed to make the file smaller without degrading the quality of the image. Smaller files are transferred faster, therefore you page will load faster. If your Web site supports it, we will enable some options that will force caching of static objects. Returning visitors will notice loading of your page faster.

If your website is built in Joomla. You can ask us for our SEO plugins. We will be happy to maximize your traffic.

There is a well-known correlation between loading speed and quantity visitors.

Do I need to pay for Something?

No, the hosting is free as we have already said. The only cost that you could have is the domain name. Domain names are important, and depending on your business nature you could use a .com which it is few dollars per year or a fancy one like .network which is more expensive.

If you already have the domain, we will help you do the needed changes. If you don't have your domain, we can get it for you.

I have my website already, can I migrate it?

Yes, you can. If your website is easy to move, we can move it for you (if you give the information we need).

What kind of Hosting am I getting?

LAMP (Linux, Apache, MariaDB, PHP/Perl/Python) hosting.

How can I hire this Free Web Hosting Service?

This benefit is given under our free hosting plan. Just accept the terms and conditions, subscribe the following plan and optionally you can use the 1CENT coupon to make it free.

You can contact us at any time if you have any question.

This special is no longer available.

About OKay

An IT Company whose mission is generating value with low cost of ownership.

We will offer you Linux based solutions that satisfy your needs. We focus on VoIP & Linux, but we are up for any other challenge you may want to bring.