OKay is always looking for ways to give our customers added value. This time we are offering free wildcard certificates with our White Label VoIP Servers. Keep reading; we will explain why is a wildcard certificate, why it is convenient in the VoIP world and how to get it from us.

What is an SSL Certificate?

A certificate is a small data within a file that digitally bind a cryptography key to an organization's details. It is used to secure connections. The most common use is in the HTTPS protocol.

SSL Certificates bind together:

  • A domain name, server name or hostname. Technical aspect.
  • An organizational identity (i.e. company name) and location. Legal aspect.

Technically speaking, a certificate protects a connection with the following characteristics:

  • integrity: its mechanisms allow the transmitted and the receptor to verify that what is sent is exactly the same that is received. It protects against MitM attacks.,
  • privacy: rest assured that only the ends of the communication channel are able to understand the transmitted data. Any middle man just sees scrabbled bytes.

May organizations have implemented some legal mechanisms that require paperwork. If this administrative process is accepted, then the certificate is given. This kind of certificate is more expensive as they try to warranty that the connection is not only technically secure but legally as well. Visually speaking, many browsers show a green bar.

Wildcards Certificates?

Non-wildcard certificates are linked to a single domain or hostname. Wildcard certificates work for all the hostnames. If you get a wildcard certificate for okay.network, it will work for www.okay.network, host1.okay.network, host2.okay.network and so on. Wildcard certificates usually are referred to as *.yourdomain certificates.

If you are looking forward to buying a certificate, and it doesn't say "wildcard", then you are not buying a wildcard. Commercial wild card certificates are always more expensive than the non-wildcard ones with the exception of the certificates emitted by Let's Encrypt.

Where do SSL Certificates fit in the VoIP?

An SSL certificate can be installed in your PBX in one or more of the following places:

  • In the PBX webpage through the HTTPS protocol,
  • In the switch through the SIPs, sRTP and WebRTC protocols.

What are the Benefits of a Wildcard SSL Certificate in the VoIP?

If you want to take advantage of the multi-tenant capabilities of the PBX we offer while having security mechanisms installed, the wildcard SSL certificates are what you need.

Multi-tenant PBX allows you to have multiple domains with a single IP. Each domain is a container that holds specific configurations for specific customers. It is similar to the email services. Because you don't know the exact names of your FQDN's, a certificate that supports *.yourdomain is perfect. Hence, a wildcard certificate.

What are the Ways to get the Free SSL Certificate from OKay?

From this very moment, all our current Whitelabel; VoIP Server customers are entitled to have this feature if they satisfy the following requirements:

  • Own a commercial TLD domain,
  • Host for free their domain with us.

Please note we will expedite Let's encrypt SSL certificates with the advantage that the renewal is automatic. Let's Encrypt SSL certificates expire every three months, wildcard certificates are complex to request,

Current customers just need to send a ticket.

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