If you are starting in the VoIP world, you may have found FusionPBX as one of the best FreeSWITCH front ends in the market. However, installing it sometimes is tricky. OKay has developed a 5-minute installation process.

Requirements for the FusionPBX Installation

  • Clean installation of CentOS 6 or 7
  • A DNS domain pointing to your server (if you are going to need multi-tenant capabilities).

FusionPBX Installation Steps

  1. Disable the SELinux by editing the /etc/selinux/config and set the SELINUX=disabled line. If you don't have this file, then SELinux is disabled and you do not need to reboot. Skip to the step number three
  2. Reboot if SELinux was enabled
  3. Turn off the firewalld daemon (by default it is on) by typing service firewalld stop and chkconfig firewalld off
  4. Enable the EPEL repository by typing yum install epel-release
  5. Install the OKay RPM repository
  6. Type: yum install fusionpbx-all. This will install the FusionPBX, LCR for FusionPBX and Billing for FusionPBX packages.
  7. Log to http://IP/fusionpbx and finish the installation process. DNS information will be requested there; if you do not have a domain name you can leave the default IP. Use the following default database data:
    1. Database host: or localhost
    2. Database name: fusionpbx
    3. Username: fusionpbx
    4. Password: c4rl0s3l4rt1st4

The default database details are only to allow you to make a fast installation. The fusionpbx username is only accessible through the local host and it only has privileges on the fusionpbx and freeswitch databases. If you are familiar with MariaDB database management, you can create your own user and delete the default one.

Please report any problem when installing.

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