The SSL Certificates helps you to secure your privacy and integrity in your connection. It also helps your service to protect against personification.

The SSL certificates protect all sensitive and private data transferring via websites and online systems. SSL products gain trust from end-customers and boost sales by increasing conversions. Certificates help to get higher ranking positions since Google added SSL certs to its algorithm. OKay provides all possible SSL certificates available on the market, starting with Domain validation till Extended validation certs.

Depending on your needs, you may need a single FQDN certificate, wildcard or multi-domain; you may also just need a certificate that only requires domain verification, business verification or depth identity verification. If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us.

Certificates Classification according to the Validation

Domain Validation SSL Certificates

shield d A domain validation SSL certificate available for all individuals, businesses, sole traders and private customers. There is no paperwork; you need to pass validation via email or alternative validation methods only. It takes 3-8 minutes to receive issued SSL after passing verification if you have all in place, usually one day. In order to pass the domain verification, you must have your domain already accepting at least email or be able to modify DNS records.

These certificates are ideal for blogs, self-care portals, PBX'es and any other service where your only objective is the privacy of the information.

Business Validation SSL Certificates

shield b Nowadays, Business/Organization SSL certificates become more and more popular on the market, since end-users can verify business name, an address of a company and phone number of the website they are visiting. That boosts conversions and increase sales. Domain validation SSL certificates check domain ownership only, but anyone can be the owner and put any company in contacts. Business SSL verifies all that information and makes it safe to use.

You may need this certificate if your business depends on the trusts of your customers. This will not only protect the privacy of the transmitted information but it will also protect against the identity theft (as in order to get this kind of certification, there is a paperwork verification process involved).

If you are running an e-commerce website, it is very likely you may want one of these.

Extended Validation SSL Certificates

shield ev The most amazing feature is Green Address Bar with a verified company name coming with every Extended Validation certificate. An extended validation SSL certificate requires a longer checking process comparing to Domain and Business validation certs, but it's worth it, as you will get the highest possible trust level from all visitors and customers. All EV certs come with Dynamic Site Seal logo for instant positive attention and up to $1,750,00 warranty level. Certificates we provide issued by most trusted vendors globally as we do care about the quality.

If your business is all about the trust then having a green address bar is one thing you want.

The following table shows the different domain and validation methods.

Validation methods Domain Business Extended
Domain ownership checked by email si si si
Business Documents check   si si
Green address bar     si
Average Issuance time for SSL 1 day 3 days 7 days

SSL Certificate Classification according to the covering Domains

Wildcard Sub-Domains SSL Certificates

shield w Wildcard SSL certificates are more popular today as they have a strong reputation of a great cost-savers since it can protect unlimited sub-domains within same domain instead of purchasing multiple single domain certs. Most Wildcard certificates support unlimited server licensing and allow installation to as many servers/devices as you want in a versatile combination of sub-domains. Unlimited free reissues come with every purchase.

A wildcard SSL certificate will allow you to save money if you have a big farm of services under the same domain. They are very handy for hosted VoIP services.

Multi-Domains SSL Certificates

shield s Multi-Domain SSL certificates, also known as Unified Communication Certificates (UCC) or Subject Alternative Name (SAN) primarily developed to secure all your domains/sub-domains with just one SSL certificates. That makes management easy and quick since you have the same CSR/Key and install SSL once.

UCC/SAN certs are completely compatible with Microsoft Office Communication Server and MS Exchange products.

A multi-domain SSL certificate is very handy in scenarios where you own the same domain under different TLD. Like and International website with different TLD will save money using this kind of certificate.

SSL Certificate Classification according to the Purpose

General Server Purpose SSL Certificates

shield star This certificates can be used in any standard server service such as Web servers (HTTPS), mail servers (POP3S, IMAPS, SMTPS), VoIP (SIPS, SRTP), directory (LDAPS), VPN (OpenVPN), instantaneous message applications (XMPPS) and any other that needs to secure its protocol.

If you are not going to do code or email & document signing, this is likely the kind of certificate you are looking for.

Code Signing SSL Certificates

shield 123 Today is the era of the Internet and almost no one installs software from CD/DVDs, as it mostly downloaded from web resources; but does the software you download original and has no 3rd party malicious code inside?

Code Signing SSL certificates allow publishers to sign their files with own signature to prove their identity. That solution boosts sales and trust in your brand and increases the installations. Windows or Anti-Virus software will not show messages with a warning during installation.

Email & Document Signing SSL Certificates

shield aroba Personal authentification SSL certificates allow to sign and encrypt electronic communication on the web like files and emails. The essential public key used to make sure all sensitive data received and transmitted is authentic, that means, none intercepted or read documents within the transmission. Now you can rely on the Internet to collect and send private information.

This certificate will allow you to enforce the integrity of your email and documents by letting the recipient or reader know if it has been modified after the signing process. You will be able to be 100% sure you are the only one who can read confidential documents sent to you; senders will be able to use your public key to encrypt important information, send it to you, and you will be the only one able to decrypt and read it.

How do I select the Certificate I need?

Easy, as you read before, there are three ways to classify a certificate. So, you will need to select an option for each classification. For example:

  • If you need a certificate for your multi-tenant PBX you will likely need a domain verified, wildcard general-server purpose certificate.
  • If you just want to protect your personal blog, you may need a domain verified,
  • If you want to protect health information that it is stored in a distributed environment, it is very likely you will need an EV multi-domain general-server purpose certificate.

How Can I get a Certificate?

Easy, go to our SSL section.

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