OKay has always been committed to offering the best prices to lower your IT costs. However, from time to time, we do need to update our pricing in order to guarantee service continuity to our customers.

Since the COVID19 pandemic start, many costs have been rising. Sadly, telecommunication costs are being impacted now and we have no choice but to update our pricing. We are confident we are still the best value option in the market.

With all this said, our new SuperCNAM Unlimited service has a quarterly price of 39,99 USD effective April 1st, 2021.

Our service specification won't change, it will continue to be unlimited queries within the configured IP.

Worried About Cost? Let's do Fast Numbers

A small to medium size VoIP business has around 10,000 incoming calls a month. Meaning 30,000 lookups quarterly.

49.99 USD / 30000 lookups = 0.001666 USD / lookup

CNAM queries of the most popular carriers are as follow (March 2nd, 2021):

 Company CNAM Price per lookup (price in USD)
 Flowroute 0.0039
 VoIP MS 0.0080
Telnyx 0.0030
OpenCNAM (aka Newstar) 0.0044 on average (pricing is not clear)


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