Telecommunications are one of the markets with the best growth. Because of that, OKay presents a turnkey solution for IP Telephony; this will allow you to offer to your customers not only an easy and fast service but one that it is not expensive as well.

You can start your business with a minimum investment starting from 200 USD monthly.

You will obtain:

  • A high availability and load balancing cluster. Cluster configuration is free only if ALL servers are hosted by OKay.
  • A DNS to forward your users to the fastest server in your cluster. Configuration is free only if ALL servers are hosted by OKay.
  • Billing for FusionPBX license.
  • LCR for FusionPBX license.
  • Free Internet domain.
  • 20-channel trunk to start calling to PSTN network. Trunk requires credit to work properly.
  • Technical advice.
  • Internet website. Website build is free only if it is hosted on OKay's servers.


  • To hire at least 4 white label servers. Two servers will be used for VoIP and two for the database cluster. Please contact us if you need advice on server locations.
  • To hire the management service that suits your infrastructure.

Please contact us for any service purchase in order to provide you with a discount coupon (if you qualify) and to discuss your project.

About OKay

An IT Company whose mission is generating value with low cost of ownership.

We will offer you Linux based solutions that satisfy your needs. We focus on VoIP & Linux, but we are up for any other challenge you may want to bring.