Billing for FusionPBX with Freeswitch lets you reward your customers because they invite family, friends and colleagues. We explain this with the following examples.

Example 1

You (A) are a client of a Phone service with Billing for FusionPBX, and this month your bill is $5 American dollars; You (A) have invited your brother (B) and; he has invited his best friend (C). Your brother (B) has consumed in this period $7 American dollars and his best friend (C) $2 American dollars.

The calculation of your bill is as follows:

-5 + (7 * 0,10) + (2 * 0,01) = -4,28

So this month, you will pay $4.28 american dollars.


Example 2

In the next month, you have invited your college buddy (D) and your bother has invited his sister in law (E).  Your billing (A) in this month is $5 American dollars, your brother's (B) is $3 American dollars, your bother's best friend (C) is $4 American dollars, your college buddy's bill (D) is $7 American dollars and your brother's sister in law (E) is $2 American dollars.

The calculation of your bill is as follows:

-5 + (3 * 0,10) + (4 * 0,01) + (2 * 0,01) + (7 * 0,10) = -3,94

This month you will pay $3,94 American dollars.

Money withdrawal

Billing for FusionPBX will send an email to users with a reward report. This way they can ask for it.

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