By default in the Billing for FusionPBX in-app software, the Offline plugin is not configured. You need to set up some default settings in order to let it work.

Please add the following default settings:

Category Subcategory Type Recommended Value Description
billing offline.debug boolean false Turn on more debugging messages in the Syslog or journal system
billing offline.enable boolean true  Enable or disable this plugin. 
billing offline.postpay_capable boolean true  Enable this plugin for post-paid customers. 
billing offline.prepay_capable boolean true  Enable this plugin for pre-paid customers. 

Remember this is a manual payment plugin. Your customer will try to add money, and he will send his willing-to-pay notification. After that, he will send you the proof of payment, when you are 100% positive you got your payment, you will need to release the money and it will be automatically applied to his balance.

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