OKay offers FreeSWITCH and FusionPBX support in the following modes:

  • On-demand: by the hour as required
  • 7x5: With non-urgent incident answer up to 24 hours and urgent incident answer up to 30 minutes maximum

Your VoIP Servers work thanks to a mix of many technologies, it is not just one thing. Because of this, the FreeSWITCH / FusionPBX Support includes the following technologies:

Please consult us if you don't see what you need.

When you hire a 5x7 service, you will get many ways to contact us.

Server Management

Focus on your business, we focus on your servers
  • 5x7
  • $236.99
  • monthly
  • 7 monthly hours
  • Monitoring
  • Important Files Backup
  • Non-Urgent Response Up to 24 hours
  • Urgent Response Up to 30 minutes
  • Choose
Any questions about our pricing? Call us at +1 613 800 7370

If you think you will need support more than once, we recommend you hire one of our support packages. You will get not only a lower hourly rate but an SLA and priority over on-demand users.

Do's and Dont's of the Support Service

When you hire the support, by the hour or in a package, you can ask for some of the following tasks:

  • Review why a call doesn't connect
  • Review why a call has one-way audio
  • Review why a carrier won't connect
  • Configure complex call flows
  • Custom LUA script development
  • Adjust the Provisioning Template
  • Brand FusionPBX
  • Configure your dial plans to do something advanced

Some tasks that are off-limits are:

  • Cluster configuration: If you wish to have a cluster, we can make that happen after we discuss your architecture.
  • FusionPBX In-app coding (like the BIlling or the LCR): If you need specific application development, let's discuss it. We always have a win-win for this.
  • Coordinate with end-user: You are the frontend to your customers.
  • PBX Training: Although we will explain what we did when doing support, we do not do training here. If you need to learn and get proper training we will be happy to assist with that.

Some Support Definitions

In order to be crystal clear we use the following definitions in our service:

 Urgent Incident
General impact event that prevents managed server operation. For example authentication error on all users or general slowness on all users.
 Non-Urgent Incident
Specific impact event that slows down but it does not stop managed server operation and/or it only has an impact on specific users.

Please note that it is impossible to solve 100% of the incidents. Managing servers in others' network are subject to many factors. However, we will do our best to solve and detect the root of the cause.

About OKay

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