FreeSWITCH & FusionPBX Goodies

The collection is one of the most common scenarios for businesses and VoIP telephony. Allowing users to pay for your phone service and letting them know the cost of calls is a very important part.

The billing is an application for FusionPBX 3.6 or higher which allows the PBX to receive money for the use of telephone service.

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OKay offers FreeSWITCH and FusionPBX support in the following modes:

  • On-demand: by the hour as required
  • 7x5: With non-urgent incident answer up to 24 hours and urgent incident answer up to 30 minutes maximum

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An easy signup process is vital to any business. The VoIP business is not exempt from it.

Imagine your webpage with a signup form that allows your new customers to create their first extension and start enjoying your service in no time. This form aims to do that.

The sessionless signup form for FusionPBX works on FusionPBX 4.4 or better. It has support to the Billing for FusionPBX application as well.

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