About the Software

  • What does LCR mean?
    Least Cost Route
  • Can the LCR software select routes based on other criteria, like quality?
    Yes, it requires a little coding and modification of the main SQL sentence, but in short yes you can.
  • Where may I download the LCR for FusionPBX?
    The latest release of Billing for FusionPBX is 1.1.1
    zip.png LCR for FusionPBX 1.1.1 HOT

    LCR for FusionPBX with Freeswitch lets you to choose the best route based on your selected criteria.

    Commercial license Date  2018-05-08 Language   English System   Linux File Size  193 KB Download  1,403 Download
  • What are the installation requirements?
    You will need have a working FusionPBX server with the PHPShadown extension. Your FreeSWITCH must be compiled with the mod_lcr module.
  • How much does it cost?
  • Glad you ask, at this moment it does have a cost. You can get the software by
    • paying 24.99 USD per server monthly or
    • through the founding in which you will get an IP license per each 300 CAD you donate
  • Does it include free installation?
    If you get the license by the monthly fee, you have right to basic free installation. A basic installation is just installing the software and making sure it routes calls, it does not include rating list configuration.
  • Will the software be converted to Opensource?
    Yes, it will, when the funding goal is reached. When that happens, we will release an opensource and we will give one month of transition period if you are using a closed-source release. After that, the licensing server will be disabled.
  • I did a donation, I have changed the server IP, what should I do?
    Just drop us some lines stating your donation information, the old IP and the new one.

About Configuring the LCR Software

  • How many carriers may I set up?
  • How many gateways can each carrier have?
  • Do the LCR offers fault tolerance?
    Yes, it does. Each time you dial out, the LCR gets a list of possible carriers and gateways to route the call. It will try routing with the best option, if that carrier answers with a 4xx or 5xx error code, the LCR understand that it is failing and it tries the next best option.
  • Do you support NXX?
    No at this moment, we are working on that.

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