This article will help you to configure the LCR for FusionPBX native application in 10 minutes.  Please read the whole guide before configuring.  You must already have installed the application with a valid licence.


  1. To have a valid license of LCR or Billing for FusionPBX.
  2. To have a VoIP trunk to be hable to make calls to PSTN network, if you don;t have a vendor you can use To Call Me.
  3. To download pricing list in CSV format.  LCR for FusionPBX accepts native formats from Flowroute,, Voxbeam and To Call Me.  Any other format must be changed to next structure:
    Connect Increment,
    Talking Increment,
    Currency, [3 chars]
    Connect Rate,
    Direction, [inbound, outbound, internal]
    Start Date, [optional, if not specified then current date and time]
    End Date, [optional, if not specified then it will be 2099-12-31 06:50:00]
    Profile [use defaul if you dont know what to do, check lcr.conf.xml]
    Random [any value you want]

Carrier Configuration Procedure

  1. Log into FusionPBX with a superadmin user.
  2. Go to Accounts->Gateways menu and add a gateway if you don't have it yet. Details about configuration depends on your vendor.
  3. Go to App->LCR menu and add a Carrier. Fill the next values:
    Name: Label without spaces to identify your vendor
    Channels: Channel number your vendor gives to you.  Channel number is the number of simultaneous calls you can handle
    Enable: True or false to allow or not to use this vender on LCR decition
    Press the Save button.
  4. You will see your new carrier listed, edit it to add missing information.
  5. Link your carrier with a gateway (read step 2).  Fill next fields:
    Carrier: Select a gateway
    Suffix: If your carrier needs a prefix add it here; some carriers (mainly those who use IP authentication) needs a prefix
    Codec: Use a comma separated struna cadena sing to specify codecs your carrier needs to use, for example G729,GSM,PCMU. You may leave this value empty and FusionPBX will use default codecs
    Enable: Select true to allow this gateway to be selected on least cost route decition
  6. Link as many gateways you need to this Carrier.  Many vendors gives you more than one IP, this will allow you to have fault tolerance.
  7. Upload pricing CSV file (read step c) and press the button.  The process may delay, it depends on file size.  You will see SLQ code, when it finishes you can go backwards.  You are done, your vendor is ready to use.

Repeat these steps for each Carrier you need.

Allow LCR Procedure

  1. Go to Dialplan -> Outbound routes menu and edit your routes. Edit your routes and change your dialplans with next value: lcr/default/$1 (this value may vary depending on your configuration) this tells FusionPBX to use LCR to take carrier routing decition based on your destination.

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