An easy signup process is vital to any business. The VoIP business is not exempt from it.

Imagine your webpage with a signup form that allows your new customers to create their first extension and start enjoying your service in no time. This form aims to do that.

The sessionless signup form for FusionPBX works on FusionPBX 4.4 or better. It has support to the Billing for FusionPBX application as well.

The outstanding features of this application are:

  • Compatible with FusionPBX 4.4 or higher
  • Compatible with MySQL 5.x, MariaDB 5.x, 10.x and PostgreSQL 9
  • Support for the Billing for FusionPBX application with parametrizatión:
    • Auto-selection of the billing currency
    • Manual selection of the billing currency
    • Fixed selection of the billing currency
    • Prepaid or postpaid selection
    • Credit settings
  • Optional creation of a subdomain
  • First extension parameterization:
    • Allow to set the password or let the system to set a random
    • Defaults for maximum limit, limit destination, voicemail parameters, toll allow variables and more.
  • Customized dropdown controls to put your plans
  • Google Captcha
  • Multi-language support (English and Spanish preconfigured)
  • Real-time verification of domain, username and email to void duplicates.

Screen Captures of Sessionless Form for FusionPBX

The following screen capture shows the form.

sessionless signup form for fusionpbx

A working demo of the form can be found at:

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