Whitelabel FusionPBX VoIP PBX Server

For your own consumption or to start your own VoIP business, OKay has white-label telephony (voice and video) VoIP servers available. White label servers can use your domain name, company or personal brand.

We are confident our proposal is full of value. We will include several goodies that surpass the value of our products. Keep in mind that it would be more expensive if you get them one by one.

FusionPBX Hosting Features

All servers have the following outstanding features:

  • Stable FusionPBX 4.4
  • Up to 100 simultaneous calls
  • Codec G.729
  • Caller ID (numeric and alphanumeric)
  • Blacklists (send them to voicemail or the call ends)
  • Time conditions
  • IVR
  • Delivering voicemail to email
  • Internal directory
  • Conference center
  • Call Recording
  • Music on Hold
  • Call Detail Record
  • Online Payment
  • Call Monitoring
  • Presence Services
  • Custom domain
  • White Label PBX (brand it, you can put your logo)
  • LCR for FusionPBX license (use economic routes)
  • Billing for FusionPBX license (bill the calls)
  • Support to accept offline payments, Paypal and debit/credit via Stripe
  • Unlimited CNAM queries
  • Semi-managed (we take care of your server health, you take care of your VoIP operation)
  • Privacy of your information
  • Unlimited space for daily backups
  • Server location in different cities
  • Free Cluster Configuration (ask for more details)
  • Preferable Rates for SIP Termination Trunks for Outgoing Calls (30% off from regular price)

Why you Save Money?

The following table shows you how you save money by using OKay's FusionPBX Whitelabel Servers, rates are in USD for your reference:

Single Server OKay's Using Other's Mix
Server Rent
(1 GB RAM)
 48.99 10.00
Support to enable g729 0.00 15.00 $/hr
(or more)
CNAM Service 0.00 5.00
Billing / LCR 0.00 49.99
Server Management 0.00 15.00 $/hr x 7 hrs
(or more)
  48.99 179.99
(or more)

If you are looking for a cluster, our proposal is full of value. The following table tries to show you that, rates are in USD for your reference:

5 Node Cluster (2 VoIP, 2 DB, 1 Arbitrator) OKay's  Using Other's Mix
Cluster configuration (HA or LB) 0.00 500 USD
5 Servers
(4 GB RAM)
71.99 x 5 20.00 x 5
Support to enable g729 0.00 15.00 $/hr x 2
(or more)
 CNAM Service 0.00 5.00 x 2
 Billing / LCR 0.00 49.99 x 2
Server Management 0.00 15.00 $/hr x 7 hrs x 5 servers
(or more)
  359.95 1944.97
(or more)

The assumptions for these tables are as follows:

  • Servers are considered to be 1 GB RAM Bronze Server
  • Codec implementation is opensource, you are paying the rate for the support. Although we put a very low rate here, a good freelancer would be billing around 25 USD/hr
  • Other's CNAM services are done by a query, a query cost around ~0.004 USD/query. A server with 10 extensions (or more) does around 1300 queries monthly.
  • Server Management may vary, we are only putting 7 hours. Experience tells us it is the average number of hours you need to spend. Server management does not include VoIP operation.

FusionPBX VoIP Server Locations

Here are the server locations we offer. Select the city that suits best for your business needs.

Usually, you may want to select a location that is close to your user base. The closer the server is, the smaller the latency, thus a better service.

FusionPBX VoIP Server Types

White Label VoIP Server Pricing

Put your brand on them!
  • Popular
  • Bronze Servers
  • from $48.99
  • monthly
  • Affordable servers
  • ~ 20 simultaneous calls
  • Latest FusionPBX stable
  • LCR for FusionPBX
  • Billing for FusionPBX
  • Choose
  • Silver Servers
  • from $51.99
  • monthly
  • Medium size servers
  • ~ 25 simultaneous calls
  • Latest FusionPBX stable
  • LCR for FusionPBX
  • Billing for FusionPBX
  • Choose
  • Gold Servers
  • from $83.99
  • monthly
  • For large business
  • ~ 50 simultaneous calls
  • Latest FusionPBX stable
  • LCR for FusionPBX
  • Billing for FusionPBX
  • Choose
Any questions about our pricing? Call us at +1 613 800 7370

FusionPBX Cluster

If you are looking forward to having a cluster, we explain in our VoIP Cluster Section the different clustering approaches:

Please give a read and contact us if any doubt.

Server Purchase Procedure

  1. Contact us if questions
  2. Hire your server from our service portal
  3. Follow the directions in the Welcome Email. Please look in your SPAM box, the email contains URL's that may be classified as trash.

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