This is one of the most complex cluster scheme OKay can bring you. Its architecture protects your server against downtimes.

fusionpbx cluster simple failover

All the operation stays on PBX 1 (active) while PBX 2 (passive) is synced all time.

fusionpbx cluster simple failover failing

When PBX 1 fails, the floating IP will be moved to the PBX 2 server, now acting as active. Depending on your customers' configuration, they may need to redial or they may have 2 to 3 seconds dead-air.

Because this solution is server end based, you do not need to do anything on the endpoints.

Variant 1: High Availability with Outsourced Database

fusionpbx cluster simple failover with database outsourced

The high availability cluster has a requirement: the active and passive server must be in the same network segment. Therefore, this approach doesn't protect against data centre failures.

This variant adds a simple failover to the cluster. If the data centre 1 goes down, by changing some DNS records will be enough to recover the service.

fusionpbx cluster high available datacentre failing

When do I need the High Available FusionPBX Cluster?

Since the recovery time of this clustering scheme is long comparing to others, this is ideal if you:

  • have a business that can't afford more than one minute offline.

How do I get this High Available FusionPBX Cluster?

If you need any of these configurations in your own servers, please contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you.

However, OKay presents another affordable option. Just pay the rent of the servers and OKay will do the chosen configuration for free. All the servers must be under OKay's infrastructure to take advantage of this deal. 

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