Loadbalanced FusionPBX cluster scheme is considered an advanced active-active configuration. Both PBX servers act as a backup of each other, furthermore, they can process a call and interconnect between them.

fusionpbx cluster simple failover

This architecture has a high availability database cluster (DB1, DB2 and Arbitrator 1) while at least two nodes act as peers. Each peer shares the same information with the other PBX. In this example, PBX 1 and PBX 2 have access to the same information. An extension could register on any of them and could route a call.

When there is a failure, this architecture has enough resources to take over as follows:

  • if PBX 1 fails, users register to PBX 2. All the load will be handled in PBX 2 until PBX 1 is recovered. PBX 2 server will keep querying to DB 2 server as it is the local and it is the fastest available. When PBX 1 is recovered, it will sync the filesystems and it will be ready to start working.
    fusionpbx cluster loadbalanced pbx failing
  • if DB 1 fails, PBX 1 will connect to DB 2 to query any database information. When DB 1 is recovered, it will sync the database and PBX 1 will start querying it.
    fusionpbx cluster loadbalanced database failing
  • if Data centre fails, users register to PBX 2. All the load will be handled in Data centre 2 until it is recovered.
    fusionpbx cluster simple failover failing

When PBX 1 or Data Centre 1 fails, a DNS update should take place to forward the traffic to the active node.

There are some native DNS approaches that could make the server switch automatically (if the endpoint supports it) such as using the SRV and NAPTR records. There are other solutions such as OKay's PowerDNS add-on that not only update SRV records automatically but the A records as well.  Because the switch happens on the user end, it requires that the endpoints and routers honour the DNS TTL. Some odd brands require a reboot to take the DNS update.

When do I need the Loadbalanced FusionPBX Cluster?

Since the recovery time of this clustering scheme is long comparing to others, this is ideal if you:

  • have people across the globe
  • live in a large country such as the USA, Canada, Rusia and need to interconnect your users
  • are running a phone company with customers in many geographic areas

How do I get this Loadbalanced FusionPBX Cluster?

If you need any of these configurations in your own servers, please contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you.

However, OKay presents another affordable option. Just pay the rent of the servers and OKay will do the chosen configuration for free. All the servers must be under OKay's infrastructure to take advantage of this deal.

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