FAQ About the Rented VoIP Servers

  • How long do I need to wait to have my server ready?
    Maximum 24 hours, usually we are fast and average time is two hours. We will write an email to the account that has registered with the server access when ready.
  • What outstanding goodies do you offer?
    Glad you ask! You will get the LCR and Billing for FusionPBX license with the servers. They are included as part of the service. If you do quick numbers, the monthly price is 49.99 USD per server, the rent of a 1 GB RAM server is almost that, so you could say it is free.
    You will also get the full codec G.729 installed and ready to work. It is not the default pass-through G.729 codec from FreeSWITCH.
  • Do I get SSH root access?
    If you pay for it yes you will, otherwise, we will give you a non-root ssh user if you want to log in the server.
  • May I start with 1 GB RAM server and later upgrade to 2 GB or 4 GB RAM?
    Yes, you can. When you want to do that, we will need to cancel and renew your subscription for billing purposes. We will take care of the upgrading.
  • What countries can you provide?
    The United States, Canada, England, France, Germany, Netherlands, India, Japan, Singapore, Australia.
  • May I put my brand name and logo?
    Yes, you can. Contact us after renting the server and we will ask you for some specific graphics.
  • Does the server come with pre-configured trunks?
    No. This is like renting a house. You will need to provide the utilities you will use with. In this case the trunk and DID's. If you don't know what carrier to use, we can recommend you some.

About the Support on the Rented VoIP Servers

  • What does semi-managed support mean?
    A semi-managed supported server is the one where we (OKay) take care only of the server health. For example, we will take care of disk space, CPU use, system updates, software installation and uptime. You will take care of your VoIP operation (anything that has to be interacting with FusionPBX or FreeSWITCH).
  • What is the SLA of this semi-managed support?
    It is classified as non-priority. This means the following: for non-urgent queries up to 24 hours to answer, for urgent queries up to 30 minutes to answer.
  • What is an urgent query?
    Anything that has to be with a general failure of the server. For example, a FreeSWITCH daemon that does not start. An example of a non-urgent query is you forgot your password and can not log in the FusionPBX.

About OKay

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