Linux has proven over the time to be an excellent option for adding services not only because it is stable, but because its costs are low. There is no computer service that is not possible to deploy with Linux. Some examples include (but not limited list):

  1. Mail Server with AntiSPAM, DKM and SPF
  2. WEB Accelerator Applications (AKA Reverse Proxy)
  3. Accelerating Internet users (saving bandwidth, degradation of image quality, compression codes before sending)
  4. Internet Protection users (ad blocking, porn, antivirus)
  5. Backup and Restore (full, incremental and differential backups) servers
  6. IP Telephony (Voice over IP networks)
  7. VPN (connection and remote access to private servers)
  8. High availability and load balancing
  9. Resource Monitoring

Consulting services on Linux offers the possibility of obtaining these services configured on site.


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