Fault Tolerance

  Failure Sensitiveness Time to Recover Back Easiness To Recover Back
Simple Failover star24x24star24x24star24x24star24x24star24x24 star24x24star24x24star24x24star24x24star24x24 star24x24star24x24star24x24star24x24star24x24
Simple Failover (variant 1) star24x24star24x24star24x24star24x24 star24x24star24x24star24x24star24x24star24x24 star24x24star24x24star24x24star24x24
Simple Failover (variant 2) star24x24star24x24star24x24star24x24 star24x24star24x24 star24x24star24x24star24x24star24x24
Load Balanced star24x24star24x24 star24x24star24x24star24x24star24x24 star24x24star24x24star24x24
Highly Available star24x24star24x24 star24x24star24x24 star24x24star24x24star24x24
Highly Available (variant 1) star24x24 star24x24star24x24 star24x24star24x24star24x24
Enterprise star24x24 star24x24 star24x24star24x24
  • Failure Sensitiveness: how sensible is the configuration that a given event may switch the tolerance mechanism. The more stars, the more sensible. The fewer stars, the better (more resistant).
  • Time to Recover Back: when an event happens, how long does it take to recover and return to a normal operation state. The more stars, the longer. The fewer stars, the better.
  • Easiness to recover Back: after an event happens, how big is the effort to return to a normal operation state. The more stars, the harder. The fewer stars, the better.


  Easiness to Deploy Time to Deploy Expensiveness to Deploy Can have SBC? Minimum required Servers
Simple Failover star24x24star24x24star24x24star24x24star24x24 star24x24 star24x24 Yes 2
Simple Failover (variant 1) star24x24star24x24star24x24star24x24 star24x24 star24x24star24x24 Yes 3
Simple Failover (variant 2) star24x24star24x24star24x24star24x24 star24x24 star24x24 Yes 2
Load Balanced star24x24star24x24 star24x24star24x24star24x24 star24x24star24x24star24x24 Yes 5
Highly Available star24x24star24x24 star24x24star24x24star24x24 star24x24star24x24star24x24 Yes 5
Highly Available (variant 1) star24x24 star24x24star24x24star24x24star24x24 star24x24star24x24star24x24star24x24 Yes 6
Enterprise star24x24 star24x24star24x24star24x24star24x24star24x24 star24x24star24x24star24x24star24x24star24x24 Included 7
  • Easiness to Deploy: How easy for a seasoned system administrator is to set up the given architecture. The more stars, the easiest. The fewer stars, the harder.
  • Time to Deploy: How long does it take. The more stars, the longest. The fewer stars, the shorter.
  • Expensiveness to Deploy: Relative cost compared against others architectures. The more stars, the more expensive. The fewer stars, the cheaper.
  • Can have SBC?: If this architecture supports the SBC add-on.
  • Minimum number of Servers to Deploy: Some of these architectures may have more servers. These number represents the minimum quantity needed to do the proper deployment.

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