Do you have a blog for your business or yourself? Have you thought about having one before? What’s stopping you? Maybe you are telling yourself “I don’t have anything to write about”, “Who is going to read my blog?” “I don’t know where to start”. Okay is here to help you through your blogging experience.

Blogs are gaining popularity right now. There are over 150 million of them. People are switching from reading the newspaper or magazines to reading blogs. It is well known that having a blog increase your exposure, therefore your webpage will get more visits which they can be converted to more business for you.

Benefits of Having a Blog

A few benefits of having a blog:

  • A regularly updated blog exposes your website because of SEO (see our SEO article)
  • Well written blogs (proper language, 800+ words, images, well-used keywords, well-used HTML tags) will gain customers interest (again because of the SEO)
  • Articles written in multilingual languages will help
  • Become an Authority in your Industry. Showcasing your knowledge and expertise will get the attention of industry insiders and earn you recognition. In addition, Google will recognize your domain (or even better, a specific article) as an authority and it will list you automatically when a user asks the right question with the right words.
  • Become a better writer. The more you write the better writer you will become.
  • Get immediate feedback. Customers will be able to comment the same day you publish your article. You will create some kind of communication. If you use a comment engine such as Disqus or Facebook comments, then you will be able to create backlinks on some social media spaces.
  • Collect emails. Emails are still the most reliable way to communicate online. Having space where people can sign up for emails gives you the chance for communication with an individual and potentially gain business. The best part of this, emails are given voluntary, you have a record of that which it will protect you against some anti-SPAM laws.
  • Build trust. People buy from people they know and trust. Having a blog and sharing your personal thoughts will gain trust from your readers with the potential of them buying since they feel like they know you.

Strategies for Business Blogging

Select a Good Subject

Blogging can be so versatile. There are so many things you can write about and showcase on your blog, for example, you can lead articles to your external pages such as your YouTube videos. Say you are doing a How-To or Tutorial you could describe what you are doing by words and pictures then have a link of it go to the video on Youtube which will then, in turn, lead to a subscriber and more views.

Make it Visual, Make it Social

Another example can be a recipe for a dish you just made. Everyone loves to see images of food and how they can make their own. Post the picture on your Instagram and have it link back to your article! How about a review of your favourite product your using or a book your reading.


There are much more benefits of having a blog the list could go on and on.

OKay offers blogging services to help you start a blogging website or a blogging section within your business website if you don’t currently have one. We can also write basic subject articles which we will research information and have you review before posting.

 Each written article will have the following characteristics:

  • Written in English, Spanish or French
  • At least 500 words
  • At least one image
  • HTML tags optimization if your platform supports it
  • Google article submission if your platform supports it

Blog articles can be posted or shared through social media websites as well. We can schedule your articles to be posted automatically on your social media sites with permission.

If you would like more information about blogging services please feel free to contact us

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