The Power of SEO

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If you are wondering why some websites are on the top of Google (and other search engines) listing. The reason is simple, it is because they are SEO optimized, and as consequence, they are on the first page when you look for some specific terms. 

Being listed on the first-page increase the likelihood of being visited, therefore increases the probability of gaining more customers in your business. But contrary to what you may find on the Internet, SEO is not 100% technical, not 100% semantics, but both. SEO is not a one-time process, you will need at least three iterations of our process to get the results you want.

SEO is extremely important when it comes to growing your blog/website. Let’s start by learning more about SEO first.

Some SEO definitions

If you really want to understand SEO, then there are five terms you really need to understand first. They are Keywords, SEO, PageRank, Backlinks, and Domain Authority.

What are Keywords?

Keywords are different words and phrases that you use within your content to help identify what your content is about. These words and phrases make it possible for others to find your content via search engines.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization,” which deals with how optimized your content is for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, etc. For this guide, we’re going to be referring to Google since it has approximately 90% market share worldwide.

After submitting your site for indexing, Google will send “spiders” to crawl your site and figure out what your content is about. This is how they know what keywords you’re using on your site.

After looking at multiple different ranking factors, Google will then find an appropriate place for you in their database and that becomes your Google ranking.

The more optimized your site is for the keywords you want to rank for, the higher you’re going to rank for those specific keywords. That being said, if your posts aren’t optimized because of poor SEO, then you won’t gain much or any organic traffic at all.

SEO is divided into two types:

On-Page SEO
What you can do on the page to increase your SEO.
Off-Page SEO
What you can do externally to increase your SEO.

What are Backlinks?

A backlink, also known as an inbound link, is simply a link from another website that leads a page on your own site. You’ll get these when someone else chooses to mention you and provide a link to your site.

What is PageRank?

PageRank—a term created by Google that measures the placement of your pages on search engines. Better SEO will lead to higher PageRank for your different posts and pages.

If one of your posts comes up as the number one result on Google for a specific keyword, it’s already at the highest PageRank possible for that keyword. However, if your post is on the 79th page on Google, then its PageRank isn’t very high at all.

Whether your posts are on the 79th page on Google or the first page is determined by two main factors:

  1. How optimized your posts are
  2. The number and quality of backlinks leading to your pages

Typically the more backlinks you have, the better but only on the condition that they’re quality backlinks and not given by poor quality websites.

What is Domain Authority?

Now that you understand PageRank and Backlinks, it’ll be really easy to understand what Domain Authority is. It’s generally the overall ranking/reputation of your site based on the PageRank of all your pages.

The higher you’re Domain Authority, the easier it will be for your posts and pages to rank really high in search engines immediately after you post. You can increase your Domain Authority by getting backlinks from high authority websites.

Let’s move onto the cold truth about SEO: SEO is a huge pain but a worthwhile investment

As tedious as SEO may be, you absolutely do not want to take any shortcuts. Consider SEO as an investment. If you take the time to optimize each and every one of your posts, you’ll get a huge boost in organic traffic.

When you effectively implement SEO on your blog posts and pages, search engines will continue to send traffic to blog for as long as your blog continues.

Now that you have learned more about the power of SEO, we can help you with yours!

What does this Service include?

You will get the following when hiring us:

  • Server optimization: we will deal (if possible) with your HTTP server and do some optimizations that will help the SEO
  • HTML optimization: we will optimize your code by adding useful tags, striping useless ones, or just fixing properties
  • Image optimization: we will optimize the size of your images
  • Keywords review: we will review if the keywords you are using on your website are the correct ones, and fix them
  • Text correction: we will change your text in an SEO way
  • URL submission: we will submit your sitemap to the Google indexing engine

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