OKay's WEB hosting not only includes the basic options, but it gives you access to capabilities you may pay with others.

  Free Personal Micro SMEs Reseller
Monthly price (USD) 0.0 1.9
(yearly contract)

(yearly contract)

(yearly contract)
(yearly contract)
Platform Linux ISPConfig3
Space to publish (in GB) 10 10 50 100 unlimited
Monthly transfer (in GB) 100 100 500 unlimited unlimited
Number of MySQL Database 1 1 1 5 unlimited
Provides CGI directory Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Execute Perl scripts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Run PHP scripts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Run Python scripts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Run Ruby Script Not Yes Yes Yes Yes
Memcached Cache Accelerator Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
APC Cache Accelerator Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of Domains 1 1 1 1 unlimited
Number of aliases Domains 0 2 5 10 unlimited
Subdomains 0 1 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Support for SSL 1 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of Electronic Mail Accounts 2 5 10 30 unlimited
Mailbox Capacity (in MB) 50 250 350 400 500
AntiSPAM Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
AntiVirus Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of White Lists 5 5 10 30 unlimited
Number of Blacklists 5 5 10 30 unlimited
Number of FTP accounts 1 1 1 1 unlimited
Number of Accounts SSH 0 0 1 1 unlimited
Crontabs 1 1 5 15 unlimited
SOAP interface for integration with third parties Not Not Not Not Yes
DNS Part 2 Zones 1 3 6 15 unlimited
Support installation of 3rd party software On demand.
Access to non-public GPL Joomla modules 4 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free Web Support Chat with Facebook Messenger Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Quick SEO optimization 5 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

What Goodies do you get?

With our hosting, you will get automatically a quick SEO Optimization:

  • All your images will be processed to minimize file size, smaller files are transferred faster
  • The local cache of your browser will keep as much as possible your static files when refreshing or moving to a page that uses the same files (an image for example), it will load faster
  • Your website will run under PHP 7 if the code supports it. PHP 7 processes your pages faster
  • Gzip transmission, on top of all optimizations, the objects will be transferred compressed

If your website is made in Joomla:

  • SEO HTML optimizer, your HTML will be compressed
  • Access to all our Joomla resources: e-commerce, subscription processors, templates, SEO plugins 

1 The user must provide their SSL certificate purchased from a valid certificate authority.

2 The user must provide a valid domain registar acquired before.

3 Third-party software must be provided by the customer, especially if you own. The third support is traded and is independent of the hosting service. The third party programs can be (but not limited list): Wordpress, Magento, etc..

4 Get access to a wide variety of modules and plugins GPL not publicly available. Ask for them after hiring. Only valid in the recruitment of two years for Personal and Micro plan and a year to plan and SME Reseller.

5 It includes file size optimization for PNG images and parameter addition to .htaccess file.

About OKay

An IT Company whose mission is generating value with low cost of ownership.

We will offer you Linux based solutions that satisfy your needs. We focus on VoIP & Linux, but we are up for any other challenge you may want to bring.