Today having your information hosted in the cloud is normal. It gives you a lot of advantages such as availability (get it anywhere you are connected when you need it) and it allows any company to save money.

Although having all the information on your cloud server may represent a lot of IT savings, it also exposes your information to different risks and threats that didn't exist if servers were in an isolated non-clouded server (such as a local server in the office). Because of this, OKay presents an option that will reduce significantly the risks: Perseus, a 100% opensource based solution that turns security from reactive to proactive.

How Does the Proactive Cloud Protection Work?

Perseus Technology has multiple sensors around the globe. Thanks to that, it can detect offending IP's before the attack arrives at your servers. At that time, it will be already banned and your server will be safe.

All the offending IP's are reported by our Perseus Sensors.

perseus proactive cloud security

Your subscribed server will ask our Perseus Collector infrastructure. The Perseus Collector will return you the last offending IP's and the Perseus Client will put those offending IP's in quarantine. By the time that the given attacker arrives at your server, it will be already blocked.

perseus preventing cyber attack

Perseus Pricing

Perseus Technology

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  • VoIP Fence
  • $49.99
  • annually
  • SSH Protection
  • SIP DoS Protection
  • SIP Session Protection
  • SIP Authentication Protection
  • Many others
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  • Host Fence
  • $49.99
  • annually
  • SSH Protection
  • SMTP Authentication Protection
  • IMAP/POP Authentication Protection
  • HTTP Protection
  • Many Others
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