With OKay's VPN servers, you will be able to archive:

  • integrity: make sure what you send or get it is the exact information you got or sent. In other words, VPN servers will help you to void any forgery that Internet communications may have. If you are in a network where you suspect the network is being forged, OKay's VPN servers are here for you.
  • confidentiality: only you see what you are doing on the Internet. If you are plugged on a network where do you think it is being monitored, OKay's servers will help you to have the secrecy you need and make confident no one could put a sniffer and see what you are doing.
  • freedom: can't connect to your bank? your favourite casino? Don't think it twice.

We invite you to read about what we can deliver for you in our VPN Tunneling Article.

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